Our work

Setting up mobile kitchens providing food aid for communities in need.
Establishing a rehabilitation and developement centre for internally displaced women and children.
Equipping 'inviscibility points' and enabling consistent work for essential services by providing sources of power and heat.

145k + meals

Covered in humanitarian missions

200+ tons

Hand delivered aid packeges


Refugees evacuated internally and abroad


Refugees accommodated in safe homes across the UK


The kitchen in Kharkiv, providing hot meals to the local commnity
Internally displaced people (IDPs), low/zero-income families, the elderly, disabled and everyone in need during war. 
Schools, Orphanages, Animal Rescue Centres, Sporting and Medical Centres

Our story

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Our story began on February 25, 2022, on the second day of the russian war against Ukraine. That day, we helped evacuate friends and colleagues to safe places abroad. Once back in Ukraine we already knew what we would do for our country and its victory. Thanks to the help of British, Polish and Ukrainian domestic organizations, as well as caring people from all over the world, we were able to open several areas of work: 

Search for homes for Ukrainians in the UK 

Evacuation and targeted delivery of necessary items to civilians and medics 

Humanitarian aid distrubution

Today, Weukrainians unite people from the international community to provide humanitarian relief, psychological and social integration for internally displaced perople. We accommodate and provide 24/7 support for international volunteers and media professionals. 

How you can help

Gratitude To Our Donors And Partners

Sports Pitch Systems UK LTD and FC Arsenal

whose donations supported sport facilities in Ukraine, including the Olympic training centre


FC Arsenal, JLM Mortgage Services, Mary Monson Solicitors, Ambulance Aid, Leeds Irish Centre

for supplying vehicles for our humanitarian missions.


Deal Direct Blinds

for having collected and delivered to Ukraine 36 generators and 10 tons of aid.


Newcastle Stands With Ukraine

for funding purchase of all necessary equipment for an invicibility point in Kharkiv.


WACI Warehouse

for providing us with aid to support animals from the front line.


Pierre and Claudia Toutain-Dorbec

for donating us 50 copies of the photobook Wartorn Ukraine by Pierre Toutain-Dorbec.


Charity Fund Charity Legion, NGO Homeless World, Kharkiv Youth Council, Charity Fund Elion Ukraine

we are proud to work together

…and all volunteers in Ukraine and around the world

Our Missions

Rehab for Ukraine
We appeal for support in establishing a rehabilitation and development centre for internally displaced women and children in Kyiv.
Vehicles for Ukraine
We source and purchase vehicles for transport of refugess, distribution of humanitarian aid across the country and urgent medical evacuations.
Aid for Ukraine
We support schools, orphanages, animal rescue centers, refugee shelters, sporting and medical institutions, IDPs, low/zero income families, the elderly and disabled by delivering/sending aid across the country and organising distribution points.
Homes for Ukraine
We match refugees with safe home sponsors in the UK. Many requests come from Ukrainian people seeking safety in UK homes. If you are able and prepared to house a person or a familly under the UK government Homes for Ukraine scheme we would love to hear from you.