from the families we matched with UK sponsors

"Good afternoon. Yes, I am already in the UK, on the north coast of England. Ms Kim, my sponsor, a very nice and intelligent woman, is helping me with all the paperwork.
Thank you and Paul for everything. With your help, I restarted my life.
May the Lord bless you for good deeds and protect you."

"Thank you very much, everything is fine.
The house is beautiful, we were welcomed very nicely and warmly. We couldn't expect what Rachael, Margaret and Joe did for us. They are wonderful and kind people. They provided us not only shelter, but also everything necessary for life. Many thanks to you and them for this."

"We are already in England. Everything is very good:) Barry and the house are wonderful.
It’s a bit difficult with the language, but today I already speak in simple phrases and use a translator.
Thank you for your help!"

"I am Vlada's mother. Vlada has arrived to the UK. We are very grateful to you and Paul, you are wonderful.
I would be happy to meet you in Kyiv sometime."

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Appeal for Sponsors

Many more people are now having to evacuate from the east and south of the country where the war is at its worst.

WeUKrainians has many more requests coming from Ukrainian people seeking safety in UK homes.
WeUKrainians are not the biggest, but we are very good at what we do. We have an exemplary record with the matches we have organised so far. You will receive an outstanding level of professional support, guidance and aftercare with your match, that will ensure a seamless process. This is intended to make life as easy as possible for both the sponsors and the people here who need emergency shelter, in these most terrible of times.

If you are able and prepared to house a Ukrainian person or family under the UK government Homes for Ukraine scheme we would love to hear from you